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Welcome Reader,

Woaw! I am so happy to start this blog and share my thoughts with you. I hope that with time I’ll be able to touch your hearts with my articles and stories. I have always thought of how to reach out to the world with writing and then this blog idea came up. #Sighing# people have different ways of passing across wonderful messages to the world; some through movies, others through politics etc. but for me, It’s going to be right here. I just feel so happy_I feel like am flying on a sunny day with the blue skies_They are above me. To me, this blog has given me wings and You are like the sky_ the blue skies. Special thanks to God, my mum, my sister(dubem), Mr. Balami and You reading this_ y’all made the dream of a once 13 year old girl who sat alone one recess period and wanted to share her thoughts with the world come through in your different ways. I love you all. Voom, let’s make this happen.
Grace Okogwu.


When we’re younger, we struggle so hard to mix up and belong with the crowd, “being different” sucks then. As we grow older. though we fight harder to be “different” because we want to set ourselves apart from the crowd. Now this is not a funny issue, it’s just that all our lives what we struggle/d for was once there for free and we just pushed it aside or totally crushed it. In the end, It’s the “different” ones that win.
I’m just pointing out that before we squash a dream out, we should dream it bigger and better and even if it doesn’t work out, your’re human, you’ll definitely survive some blows. Think, think, think harder but don’t just pause to think and remain idle; work as you think, think as you work.
Nevertheless, I’m not suggesting you dream.unrealistically, try mixing up your dreams with realism. Trust me it’s rare for unrealistic dreams to come true_when I say rare err I kinda mean “never”.
Grace Okogwu.


Yeah, yeah at some point two years back “that awkward moment” became a popular catch phrase on the internet. And amongs us it was  ”That awkward moment when this and that..”


Arrrrrrrrrgh! I just felt like screaming but the
awkwardness of how I felt that day was that I couldn’t
express any feeling. I felt dead_almost like a vamp. I tried,
trust me, I did try to force some tears but when I checked
the mirror,nada! No tears. I gave up on that and when I saw
some bread lying around_I went for it.Mehn, I felt bad_
really Grace you’re eating at this sad moment mmh? Buh then I
thought to myself,maybe it was the hunger holding the tears
right? The time was almost some minutes to midnight and the
light was still switched on still, so I switched it off and