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Anger, that’s what makes us miss out on the fun things in life. This is definitely one I’m so guilty of to be sincere. People at some point get annoying or maybe you think they get annoying. 46 percent of the time I get annoyed or angry by someone, and I take time to look back and analyse the scenario, I
find myself at much as at fault as the other person. So why did I get angry in the first place? Is it the bottled up emotions, I had for this person or was I just the mood to snap like a twig and get angry? Frankly, I don’t have an idea on this one. The most hilarious aspect of anger is when I feel it towards a non-significant persona to my life, like a random guy at a banks’ atm queue or a random lady at a supermarket. Question is,” is there more to anger than just the offense committed by the party/ies involved? Is there a chance that probably we get angry at someone because they have what we so crave for but can’t have, like a great hairline, or an expensive shoe, or a very wonderful skin etc. Do we get angry at some people because we’re jealous or are all annoying people stupid?
  Quick fact though; annoyance can’t get any prettier than a baboons’ ass plus you get to stress yourself even to one undeserving.Adding Stress to that of work and school everyday, you do the maths on your lifespan.
 Grace Okogwu.
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