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Arrrrrrrrrgh! I just felt like screaming but the
awkwardness of how I felt that day was that I couldn’t
express any feeling. I felt dead_almost like a vamp. I tried,
trust me, I did try to force some tears but when I checked
the mirror,nada! No tears. I gave up on that and when I saw
some bread lying around_I went for it.Mehn, I felt bad_
really Grace you’re eating at this sad moment mmh? Buh then I
thought to myself,maybe it was the hunger holding the tears
right? The time was almost some minutes to midnight and the
light was still switched on still, so I switched it off and

my thoughts took over. Strange thoughts like what would
happen if I suddenly went outside and started dancing to a
Very loud music. Before I knew it I was awake, I checked my
phone, “4:15am”. Oh my Gosh, when did I even drift off to
sleep? And guess what? I actually did feel awesome for no
reason_ just like that, so I just did a hurried prayer to God
for thanks…
  Okay why did I narrate this story? I guess It’s just
to point out that sometimes we feel bad or sad for no just
reason, or maybe some bottled up (maybe a wine bottle?)
emotions or maybe the stress or whatever but what I’ve learnt
with experience is that sometimes it’s okay to betray sadness
by being grateful for all that we have (even if you literally
have nothing but the clothes you have on). Those bad days
that it seems like eveything and everyone are going crazy or
it seems like the universe has a no-no to everything you have
planned out; the car that spills muddy water on your dress
and drives off, the bus driver that’s so slow you miss a test
or interview, the rain that spoils the picnic you’be spent
weeks planning and that lecturer that decides to walk
 only you out of his class for chatting with your
friends_ how much worse could it get? Maybe on such days our
attitude towards these disasters could make us less sad.
Smiling through it all could betray those bad days. It’s
definitely not easy and all but then It’s less irritating, if
you think about it.
  I guess what this piece or rather what  I_ I mean
“we”_ this piece and I are trying to say in summary is that
positive attitude towards bad situations could turn out for
the better or not_if you’re still a total douche though.
Anyways I’m positive enough to believe it’d work out well for
everyone. Ciao!
Grace Okogwu


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my eyes are
brilliant: a firework of events.
my thoughts are
weakened; how come it took
this long to realize?
my screams are
crippled: hence the irony,
suiting this madness.
my heart is
consumed: inclined to a seul,
the imperfect affair.
my life was
still is: when will it fully blossom?
some lies are
a sign: love's very true own
my eyes are
not for seeing,
but feeling,
all these other lives
i dare not intrude
or touch,
for the better part of
this dreadful