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I was battling with my assignment last night, Natural sciences precisely. Mehn! That stuff bores students in the faculty of arts. I turned on my data to read people's status update on BBM and guess what i saw, a heart-breaking status update "That's my nigger." Natural science is s horror. I had a reason for running away from sciences in high school. That status update is worse. It's funny how Nigerians use some slangs because we want to be "Americanized" and we want to fit into a society that doesn't accept us. .................


Slowly we fall asleep
Slowly we come awake

"Papa once told me why it rains"
A gust of cool breeze entered the room, like an eavesdropper. It threatened the flame within the lantern, but that was all it did. How wonderful it is that such little illumination can prevail over the vast space that is his living room, Collins thought. He decided to pay attention to the young lady he had brought into his house under odd circumstance. She noticed his renewed interest and continued her story.
"In the beginning, Earth and Sky were one as sister and brother. There was no space between them as it is today. One day, the Creator decided he needed a place to put things he had conceived. So he separated Earth from Sky. It was a sad day for the two who had known each other since the beginning of time. The mountains and rivers he put on Earth, and bright burning things he placed in the sky. There was one who tormented Earth during the day"
Must be the sun, Collins sa…


I sat in the classroom, the Professor was talking but my mind was not there. My mind always wandered, always travelled whenever I was in class. The Professor was using lots of hand gestures(I always Imagined this particular Prof as a character in a Yoruba Movie- he was too damn melodramatic), he kept repeating  the word, "geo political", and if he had pointed to me at that moment to explain the term "geo political...", I'd have answered, "the geographical politics..". For Christ's sake why did such words exist? When I was fifteen, I was convinced the English language was in existence to specifically confuse me, or rather people like me. People, who had difficulty in spelling and to whom it was useless replacing the word, "abundant" with "profuse", "exuberant", and "copious" . 
The Professor kept talking and my mind was still wandering. I was somewhere in Asia, walking through the Great Walls (no, scrap that..…