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This light headedness

is difficult to explain
it begins with a gradual throb
then a steady beat
of an unstable mind
searching for the right
amount of words to
describe the state of mind
of an ever unsettled soul.
This dizziness is
felt each time the
need to describe the
real state of mind
arises and then goes away
just like a harmattan wind
on a rainy September night
making such eerie sounds
the mind becomes unstable.
This uncleaniness the
heart feels every
morning when awake,
and with a throbbing headache
all the worries of the world
arrive and melt in
as fine butter
constantly asking,
"why does your mind
dwell on such drunkenness?"
This feeling at 2:55am
when almost every being
is trapped in a vision of
as you struggle with
what lays beside you a
disturbing hourly challenge
and you still ask yourself
I'm I to or not to?
Whereas, all the while
you knew the answers to
your numerous questions.


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