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'Four years ago when Ezeh and I used to talk, I knew everything going on in his life and he, mine.
I always used to know which girl he was chasing in our street and the names of the girls who fought over him in school. I used to know his friends; Kene, Julius, Karim and Tayo. He knew how I was hopelessly crushing on Obi, our former neighbor. He also knew how shy I was to look into people's eyes but how I always managed to know what colour their pupils and outlines of their faces were. He used to call me "psychic witch" which was ridiculous and hilarious but at the same time, lovely to my ears.
Ezeh used to be the only friend I had and we understood each other until last year. His mood swings began last year, after he didn't graduate with his mates because he had to retake some courses he failed. At first, it started as depression; "the state most people fall into when they cannot bear the weight of their reality". That was what the therapist had written in her report. I shouldn't have read that report but my father had left it lying around on the dinning table. I knew it was a female therapist because she signed her name with "Sara Nwafor"; it had to be a female because it was perhaps weird a male would answer such a name.
It turned out it was a female therapist aferall. Ezeh was crushing on her and wouldn't dare let my parents know. He had only mentioned It once to me when I had asked him what he enjoyed most about his therapy appointments. It lingered though, Ezeh's depressive state and soon it became a habit, part of him; those new traits of mood swings. Ezeh was no longer my brother since then, just a trapped stranger in my brother's body.
Today he asked if I had seen the trailer of "Magic Mike". He was leaning on my room door, very lightly, as if by leaning too hard the door would break. That was something else I missed about Ezeh, his precise and careful manner of handling things. He had never broken a thing in his life. I only knew he hadn't broken anything since he was eleven and I was eight but it was mother who constantly reminded us with her tales,  how Ezeh had never broken a thing since he was born. "He just handles everything like an egg", she always concluded her tale with. His sophistication used to throw me off balance beacause as the royal klutz of the family I didn't need the constant reminder of how perfect my Prince Charming brother was.
So when he asked me in his sophisticated manner if I had seen the trailer of "Magic Mike" I shook my head, not because I had seen it and was pretending I hadn't but because I had seen it but I hadnt paid much attention to the details. And like that he half strided and half walked towards my reading table where I had been sitting the whole time. He smiled, touched my shoulder and said, " you are about to have an awesome time. Dress up. Someone will be here to pick us up in ten minutes." And as if to reassure me in case I was having any doubt, he added, "we're going to the movies!" as he raced out of my room.
My throat went dry. I was about to tell him I'd pass. I wasn't interested in showing my face to the world yet. I still hadn't figured out why I felt empty and what the feeling of incompleteness was but I couldn't tell that to Ezeh. It had been ages ago I'd seen him this lively. I couldn't ruin it_ this moment of happiness. I shouldn't. So I tied up the words in my mouth and swallowed it as I got into a pair of jean and my grey sweatshirt. The weather was usually tricky this time of the year. I didn't need makeup so I wiped off my face with the baby bumbum improvised face wipe I always used, sat back on my bed and awaited Ezeh's call.
My mind drifted to that time when I was in Js3 and Obi had called me outside. He was always coming over to visit and play with Ezeh and I. Ezeh dominated our games. He always assigned the characters of his imaginary movies to us; Obi and I. Most times I ended up being a dog or car in Ezeh's imaginary movies while Obi was always the antagonist and he, the hero. It sucked just being a car or dog and when one day I had found the courage to demand to be assigned the character of the antagonist, Ezeh and Obi laughed at me long and hard after saying there were no such things as female antagonists. I was then threatened to be replaced by "Piggy", Ezeh's toy horse whom he had named "Piggy" (because according to him that was the first thing that had crossed his mind when he had seen it), according to him made a better dog and car anyway. It took me a week and two days to regain the character of dog/car after watching the imaginary movie from a distance, in tears.
So when Obi called me outside that day in JS3, I was secretly excited. Finally we could play a game without my brother. But it wasn't going to be afterall. Obi had called me out to inform me they were moving out the following weekend and that he would miss me a great deal. I thought he was pulling a prank until I saw the first tear drop and he started sobbing uncontrollably. I had wanted to point at his wide mouth, and laugh at how ugly he looked but instead I sobbed along. It wasn't pretense, my sobbing. I knew I was really going to miss Obi. Maybe that was why I sobbed along or maybe it was just to make him feel he was not the only one who could sob on such short notice. Today, I realised I must have really known I was going to miss him and that was why I had sobbed.
Ezeh finally called for me. He didn't have to though. I had heard the car honking downstairs. I ran down as fast as I could after about ten minutes later because my wristwatch had bailed on me. It had the habit of playing hide and seek whenever I needed it. Today was no exception. Ezeh was already sitting in the front passenger seat when I got into the car. He was saying something about "hustle being good" to the guy in the black T-shirt; the driver. The radio was playing Madcon's "Begging", my one time favourite when the driver in the black T-shirt turned around, faced me and said, "Hi dog, been a while". It took me awhile to recognize his face. Oh no! It was impossible. No way this was real, absolutely no freaking way..!! 
" Obi..??" I managed to say.
And he just grinned at me and started the car.


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