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She got through to Queen at the third call.
She never picked up at the first ring, just so "Queen-ly". "Eeh madam.." were Queen's first words when she finally picked up. " Hey Queen can we meet up for lunch by 1 today? Something happened".  " Something bad?" Queen asked. "Yes,  something bad..., replied Adanna, "...Chijioke broke up with me.." and because she wanted to make it seem like she cared she added, "can you imagine the man?" There was a pause.  Queen mumbled some jargon in Yoruba before she continued, "that's just terrible, oh my god, how are you...? what happened...? I mean what caused this? Did he say what the cause was? Did you guys have a fight?" And when she thought she must have exhausted her questions, she asked, "Adanna, are you there?"  "Yes", sniffed Adanna hoping the sniff added an air of pity on her part. She needed her friend slash sister-in-law to be on her side.
She needed to be vulnerable and play the victim because she was sure Queen would speak on her behalf to Chijioke and he'd change his mind.  He always listened to his sister. " I just don't know why Chijioke has decided to scrap me out of his life Queen, can we talk about this more when we meet up for lunch?" ,making her voice really low and croaky.   "Sure girl," Queen replied and continued        "be strong, it'll all be fine. See you by 1. Bye dear."
With the call ended, Adanna smiled to herself. "Let Chijioke dump me now", she said out loud. She checked the time, it was just past ten. She had two hours plus to come up with the right state of mind a depressed and dumped fiancee should be in, but first she needed a drink, she deserved one. Vodka would do the trick and she went for it.
She poured herself half a glass of vodka and sat on the kitchen chair to down it. Her mind raced, how would she get enough money from Chijioke for the time wasted? How? What? How'd she get access to his cash? She wished she had saved more and bought less LV's and Pradas. She just had to use Queen. Yeah, she was evil for doing this but, who cared?
They had agreed to meet at a nice restaurant in town. It was one of those new generation restaurants with metis managers and ever smiling and neat staff. Plus constant interruptions by the staff wanting to know how "delicious the food had been and if they wanted anything more, bread perhaps?" She hated these interruptions, for pete's sakes, if She wanted bread she'd go to a bakery. She did like these restaurants for other reasons though. She liked such places because only the wealthy and high middle class could afford it. It added a sense of importance to her; made her feel power and rich and classy to afford the meal in such restaurants.
She was however very bad with remembering the names of these restaurants and this particular one was not an exception. Queen had texted her the name and location of the place an hour and half ago but she could not recall the name. It sounded very catchy though she knew, something like "Dicey" or "Chills", or was it "Serendipity"? she couldn't remember. Queen was already seated at the second table by the right just close to a small aquarium tank with some fancy fish swimming around. That was another thing Adanna hated about these restaurants; who needed to see tiny ugly fish swim about before one ate?
She gave Queen her biggest I'm-sad-but-hanging-in-there smile to give her the impression the pain was unbearable. Queen smiled back sadly and weakly, held Adanna's hands tightly and said, " I'm so sorry darling".  "What a sensitive bitch.." thought Adanna as she smiled and asked, " Oh Queen, I didn't mean to bother you..." And then to sound caring she added, " ...How have you been doing dear?" Inwardly, she smiled, she would really make a wonderful acting career. How come she hadn't thought about that?
" So, Queen, there's something I've been meaning to ask you", Adanna asked with her clear voice of authority. Queen looked up, "What?".
¤wait? You thought the story'd end already? Fat chance¤


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