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    A song, "happy" is playing but ironically the atmosphere is dense;
damp with silence and there's heavy anger in Adanna's heart. Chijioke broke up their three-year engagement.
Chijioke the then good-for-nothing, whom she had taken pity on and accepted to date three years ago.
Chijioke the then good-for-nothing she had agreed to marry last year December because she felt pity for and enthusiastic to spend his money. Chijioke the wealthy guy who was so naive and free giving and whom she thought she could play around with. That Chijioke broke up their engagement today, an hour earlier.
   Adanna had been browsing through her Twitter timeline, laughing her lungs out at the hilarious posts from Basketmouth when a new bbm message notified her. She scrolled down for more twitter feeds when a series of  new bbm messages notified her, in glorious sequence. She wondered who must have texted her so many messages.
  The message was from Chijioke with the yellow dot and highlighted message. She could read " I'm sorry" in the highlighted message and a smile tugged at her lips. She liked it when Chijioke was sorry, it gave her time to get as many gifts from him as she could. They had been having series of arguments for two weeks now and she was bloated with pride that Chijioke was apologizing first.
With an apology from Chijioke in mind and her scheme for obtaining new gifts off her fiance, Adanna tapped open Chijioke's message. The initial shock when she started reading the messages and instead of apologies, Chijioke broke up their three-year relationship was breathtaking.
She could not cry like the stereotypical dumped fiancee, she was instead scared and angry. Scared because if Chijioke dumped her, how else would she get money without working for it? Or control him? And angry because she had been so foolheaded and hadn't seen this break up coming. How dare the man? She would never accept this.
She dialled his number. First his MTN line, which wasn't going through at the third attempt, then his glo which was busy and finally his Etisalat which rang.
It rang for about fifteen seconds before he picked and said "hi" in a casual voice. How dare he "hi" her as if nothing had happened? How dare he sound so calm, Chijioke the former shy good-for-nothing while her mind was worked up? And was that a female's voice she could hear at his end? Anyway, she'd deal with this.  "Chijioke.." She began with the crystal clear voice of authority she used on him when he messed up or rather when she messed up and blamed him for her mess. " what is the meaning of that text you sent me some minutes ago?"
The silence at the other end slapped her ear far more than the anticipated stammering response she so hated and expected. "Adanna, I know it's a shock.." he began calmly, paused and chuckled, "of course it's a shock because you weren't expecting it, what I'm I saying?.."  He breathed heavily into his end of the line, "what I'm saying is that I made a decision to change my life and you do not fall into what I've planned out so I'm letting go. We're done Adanna,
We need to go our separate ways.."  by now she had bloated up in anger. "How dare he not include me in his life changes?" She thought to herself.
She could not sob, no she wasn't in love with him or anything. She needed a plan. She needed a hold of that money of his she so deserved. She ended the call before  Chijioke could reach the " it's- not-you-it's-me" line.  She needed a plan. She called Queen, she really needed a plan.
¤anticipate a continuation soon..¤
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