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Too Early

it's such an early hour
               to rain,
           just the wrong time
            of the year.
          what happened to all
      the sunny clouds?
         where did the rainbow go?
         where is my summer_
       my orangey yellow sunset:
           it's that time of the year
           to be indoor again


i'm trying,
it's not easy.
the burden,
the ache;
spreading from
my head to neck.
i'm trying,
as little as i
can manage,
as hectic,
as lost as i seem.
i'm trying,
yet every other night
or midday,
at some point,
i pause
thinking back to
those things
i could have done
or undone.


we dwell on
miles away;
far enough from
we lust for
twinkling violently;
hurting our eyes.
huge cars and
shiny shoes,
rich desserts
on golden dishes;
the sinful putrid stench
of cash.


There's a dark hallway
leading to a door
leading to a room
leading to a light
coming from a crack
on the top right
of the wall.
If you look
past the bright light
there'd be a spark
coming from a river
flowing from the lake
at the base of the mountain
Look yonder
don't dwell in wonder
it's a feast laid out
all for you