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bae is shit

if my fonné is not sweet_
        i mean,  tush enough.

        if my hips are smaller than
        my smaller waists;
         if i do not have the shape of
         an Egyptian hourglass
          or light skinned like mamiwater.         if my face homes zits
        if my jollof burns 
        and my egusí tastes like goat's breathe,

        would you still call me "bae"? glossary fonné - deliberate imitation of any foreign accent (usually to impress)tush - poshmamiwater - mermaidjollof - a method of cooking rice common in some parts of Asia and Western Africaegusí - melon seeds (key ingredient in making of the melon seed food)bae -  *controversial endearment equivalent to "baby" or "boo".... g. o


is there any other
      out there who
   really see everything?      it is not everyday i
     see you
     but. when
     i do. it's all of
     you i want to see     i think i see you
     clearer enough when
     you see me see you.
     seeing you see me

change forgets to change

where did my genuine smile go?
     replaced with this hole;
     this empty eyed routine
     i do with my face.     where did their love go?
    replaced with those very
    many questions
    and aristocratic doubts.     where did my words hide?
   the fountain of them
    on nights as this
    in them i drowned.

   where did you go?
  leaving her with a lump in the
  chest region_
  the cancer,of which
  she died of a year or so later.

   where was everything as they were
  before we changed,
  it's all different now_
  everything is:
  the cold,  the heat,
  the wind,  the rain,
  they all forget their season.
  trees no longer sway,
  perfumes forget their scent
  the man who knew me once
  has forgotten my name.
  the spiders are no more web spinning,
  roaches forget to scavenge, 
pain itself forgets to hurt
  and my worn eyes
  forget the how to sleep:  so i sit awake at three fifteen a.m.
wondering when the whole world
turned this mad

make me a man

make me a man sir.
carve his hairline,
chisel his jaw
and give him perfect teeth. make me a man.
harden his chest,
caramel and tough,
smooth enough that i
can lay my head on
every other night. make me a man sir.
tall or not,
just as long as he carries
me on our wedding night. make me a man;
one, who opens doors
reads my verses
places me on his lap
and plays with me silly
at two a.m. make me a man
who, every night or day
i'd marvely lift my hands
in praise:
"hallelujah. HE reigns"make me a man
not a perfect doll.
a man,
imperfect as he is
perfect in my eyes. make me one sir.