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jookwa. ¤modern satiric series ¤

jookwa. is the
word for "welldone"
where i come from. women with heavy baskets
of yams on their heads
are greeted with jookwas.
young, sweat glistering-back men
caressing farm tools too.
young lasses from streams
balancing jerrycans or oversized basins
embrace their jookwas enthusiastically.
old people walking kilometres to
pay in-laws a visit are
with bowing knees et hugs jookwaed. and you my dear,
in front of the television all day
with your cell: your crucifix,
sharing photos and awaiting likes
on Facebook and Instagram,
suffocating yourself with waisttrainers,
 betting more than you earn,
you expect a jookwaa too right? 

jookwa - literally translates to "welldone "
origin- Afikpo North *Ehugbo*
(southeastern Nigeria )

bloom baby bloom

bloom baby bloom
wake up this morning
shine all the day through.
let them see you from
the end of the hallway
and the street too. shine baby shine
let the radiation blind
their eyes.
make them see you clearer
in all your beauty, 
bloom. sway baby sway
sashay down the stairs
like silk or linen,
like red wine in our glasses
sway. bloom baby bloom
go to bed before the moon
decides to hide
let it not be said the night
grew older than your dreams

¤for yous* and all the beautiful people in my life¤glossary
yous - because there are more than one of  *you*

gold leaf pendant

i am in bed
seven fifty four a.m
gold leaf pendant in hand.
what makes it so fascinating?
gold leaf pendant with
a dab of baby pink nail polish
what is so fascinating
about that?
gold leaf pendant i
yesterday, washed clean.
gold leaf pendant
lost it's glow
why fascinating still? studying the veins on the veins
rooting this gold leaf pendant;
the heart of a leaf on a
gold leaf pendant. up until today,
the only companion
i've had
is this
gold leaf pendant,
with it's heart and veins
and dab and beauty. 

his gift

in this pitch black room
              with the rest of the world
              out there; 
              outside the door,
              plugged in earphones,
              offside: all their voices
               blocked out.
               tell yourself this :
            " the world is mine to conquer. "

           and darling,
           tomorrow morning
           get up,
            because HE gave to us all
            the power to make our
            make believes REAL

            forget anyone who says
             Miracles don't happen,
             that faith is silly.
              for all the kingdoms of this
            were they not made out of the
             miracle of creativity and more?

              believe and learn to channel
              the good _ the positive
               into every single droplets
               of atom making up your life.