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runaway bride

i run.    it is safer this way. there's no one to stop me this time, to scold me about the irresponsibility of my action. no Deji to tell me to put on weight in order to fit into the one hundred and fifty eight thousand naira lace wedding gown he ordered off Jumia or mama to continuously rebuke my lifestyle with her usual, "ndu gi ajööka. o jööka nnó."i keep on running.away from Deji, mama, the guests, the church, my wedding and the big shiny diamond ring i had taken off and thrown over the low church fence. my marriage to Deji i knew would be a death sentence even before it began.someone was screaming for me to stop but ignoring them, i ran on......till i turned back and saw myself lying in a pool of my own blood, spilled over the tarred road and the bumper of a black Toyota Camry. Deji, holding my bloody head,sobbing so loudly the hairs on the back of my neck stood. The driver of the vehicle running to Deji's side, both hands on his head explaining, " Jesus…


for as long as i can remember Termuno has always been in my life. ever since that day in primary four during PE when Ms Aisha instructed us to pair up for badminton.    we ended up being partners, Termuno and i, she was the newiee then, barely a month old in our school. we immediately became friends and sisters as time went on_ through boarding school and even uni.   we were inseparable and shared everything.
for years we shared jewelry, clothes, money, cars and for the past year, Tunde my husband, unknown to me.   i knew Tunde was cheating but suspected those skanky half brain uni girls up until yesterday when i caught him making out in a cosy restaurant with Termuno. Termuno and my Tunde in an affair. hm. apparently we did share everything indeed, because i too was having an affair; a mind blowing affair with Joseph;
Termuno's fiancee.    Termuno and i were best of friends and sisters afterall.
sharing everything, husband and fiancee alike.☺