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he was walking towards me flashing a smile. my heart stopped, not because of how devastatingly handsome he was but because he looked so much like Olu. everything from his 6 feet-something height to the i'm-distressed-beard was similar to Olu's.    finally stopping in front of the booth i was sitting still smiling, he extended his right hand,"Oluola Gbemu. Head Marketing Manager AT and T" you must be Miss Adeja?.     impossible. how could i be meeting Olu again after all that had happened and why did he seem not to recognize me. "y_ yee_yeh_yees i'm Miss Ah_Ade" i stammered"     this is crazy. Olu died last month. how could he possibly be sitting in front of me right now reintroducing himself like we were meeting for the first time. i knew this was Olu, my handsome fish, my sugarcane plum, my dead fiancee.     the eyes, the fine lines on his forehead, his red palms, even the black spots on his face, just under his nostrils were exactly how i remem…

Ugo Amaká

Ugoamaka used to want
to be a seamstress:
onye odúdú.
but papa said the only things she would
be mending would be damaged kidneys . so she went ahead and became
a dokinta:
onye ogwu ocha.
mending people's insides;
unmending hers.