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baby beauty

she was the kind of child
who possessed
baby beauty. the kind that
before sixteen,
her beauty would have
gone into her head,
exposing her to a man's
world before she understood herself. and at that point,
she'd be self destroying,
without  knowing. she would be like
an unripe orange
and like peeled unripe oranges,
before her prime. g.o.


Ndidi at ten was
a white rose,
from the outside and within
you could tell she was

it radiated through
her face,
her thick black kinky hair
and her watery eyes. at fifteen she
became a monkey:
spirited, like a horse.
full of energy- the
kind the sun possesses. 
most of all she became unpredictable
and like most unpredictable things,
hard to keep up with. she grew, she blossomed
transiting at twenty one. 
like a snake, she shed
all of her innocence.
her eyes, once watery,
spilled and in it's place,
stealthy temptation.
before thirty,
she had assumed the
shape of a cow
and consumed everyone
that came her way like fire does. 
Ndidi you see,
at forty-four became
a vulture.
feeding on the leftovers
of her youth.
and like all vultures,
she became a dreaded tale
in our town. 
and this my friends is who society sees in  a woman. 
they forget she was born,  bore children after she grew in constant  baptism of a certain man's supremacy. 
she bore children  feeding t…

Something I've Never Written Like This Before

growing up, my childhood was filled with fantasies of becoming an adult, doing general adult stuff and being grown up.(you get the picture right? )
    it's one obsession i think most people pass throughout their childhood and i wasn't an exception. through my teens, this anxiety heightened.  i was counting down, striking off years in my head down to the final "teen age" (nice pun right? ) until reality struck. it's not that i regret being  grown up, or that i'd wish to remain a child (like i've thought severally)- hell nah.  it's just that having hyped adulthood, it becomes devastatingly basic in reality. (for me at least, in my opinion). 
this is not to be taken too seriously though dear reader. these are merely some of the things i've had bottled up in my mind for some time. 
now the other day, i was telling a friend how being a degree holder didn't give me that special vibe i thought i'd get (like say magical powers) and how…

To My Future Daughters

Dear Future Daughters,    take it from an old fella like me, life sucks: good people die and bad people live, bad people die and good people live. in the end i've come to terms with the fact that it is but perception that plays an important role in shaping one's life. take these to heart, hold them dear to you and if at any time i made you feel bad,i want you to know that i'm sorry and i'm not sorry. i'm sorry because i should have tried alot harder to be the perfect parent. i'm not sorry because there's nothing on earth like a "perfect parent". maybe when you come of age you'd know that some things we do are out of our control as much as they're within control. sometimes, they're predestined, other times they could have happend differently.

Aunty Rebe

"ngwa show me your hand. " aunty Rebe loomed over me,  "gosim aka gi o'so" she thundered at me again.  shamefully and with my heart pounding, i stretched forth my oily palms displaying them gingerly for her inspection. "ohsoyouhavestartedstealingokwiaa?
en'azuohin'ulom" she repeated in igbo to emphasize her anger. for a mili second i forgot my pain and tried figuring out how she could tell i was a thief by merely looking at my palms. "wassheintosorcery? " my mind pondered. 
   i was dumb struck. my entire oral organs failed me. my mind was telling Aunty Rebe to listen to me, screaming for her to look at my face closely and know that i was innocent of the crime her hand reading magical power accused me of, to trust me more knowing i had never stolen in my life. but did she listen?   the first slap landing on my right cheek grazing my upper lip and right ear turned deaf ears to my pleas and the second slap grazing my right cheek a…

girl || woman

and on this day,
a girl became
a woman
because for the first time,
she overcame her greatest fear:and in the mirror before her,
saw beauty and grace,
instead of the looming darkness
she used to let hover. now she knows
she was the jailer
binding herself, a prisoner
in her ownmind.
resisting release even after
several times she granted herself bail. g.o.

adaobi (1)

adaobi is lifeless. on a cold september night of 96' he sits and smokes his favorite Henson and Benz at mama obi's bar just along the town square.


as bomboy
dwelt in mud
playing tyre racing,Eleje the house boy
immersed in a cloud
of hemp.
a car screeches,
bom boy is down
tyre rolling,
finishing the race hour later,
the madame is back.
"Eleje where is my son?" she demands.
he stares and stares at her
goes into the kitchen
and produces bom boys' arm
in a bowlmadame smiles and smiles
the last ingredient for
her super secret recipe.

notes to my future self (10)

Come Home

i waited on you
for days.
while you
wandered around
with a blank map
that couldn't help you
locate home. g.o.