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September 23, Age 23

I have been called a lot of things; ‘weird’, ‘real’, ‘cynical’, ‘kind’, ‘beautiful’, ’impatient’, ‘good’, ‘mean’, ‘free’ and ‘quiet’. 

There’s a lot more, but that’d take up a lot of space (bet you get the idea).
And over the years, while some of these things momentarily defined me, might still try to even, I know that is not the case. This is because I have gradually come to the understanding that people will just drop words or phrases of who they think you are. Or better still who they might want you to be, to them_ I don’t know why humans do this, but we do.

No denying some of those words make up the person that I am but in my gradual process of self-awareness and understanding I have learnt so far that I cannot dwell on those adjectives to determine who I am.

Of course, this might come as a string of blah blahs and yapping, but I have had myself, my body and soul for 23 years and I can say boldly that no one has the right to define me or anyone else for that matter.

This is not to say that I am excluding or withdrawing myself to the reality of things_ of my life. That I am paranoid sometimes, or yes, ‘weird’ even (I wear that as a crown), or that I make mistakes, forget even the simplest of things, fail to call my friends, or even just pretend and yeah, lie sometimes (God forgive) me or get excited at the silliest utterance of some words.

This is not to say that I do not love my family, or that I do not miss those precious times I spent with my friends or that sometimes I do not miss the voices of some people, I do. But all in all, I can only say that I am all of some adjectives and words people call me.

Enough of ‘Me, Me, Me’

My 23rd birthday wish goes out to all the following people;
1. Dad and Mum, I love you, beyond even words can express.

2. Sisters; I couldn’t ask for anything more in my life. I love you all.

3. My three friends; whom, I can tell almost everything in my life. I may not call you but I think about you a lot.

4. My other friends. I know I could be a better friend but I guess we didn’t make out time to understand ourselves better. Know that you can call on me and I’d be there to talk. And yeah, I’ll try to up my calling game.

5. Ex(es): I’m more than the girl you used to know

6. Bosses, Colleagues and Acquaintances: There’s a lot more to me than you think you might have guessed. And I enjoy every minute with you all

7. Those other guys: You definitely need to understand the concept of weirdness before Grace O.

8. Nigeria: Forget what people say, I love my country

9. World: Prepare for the Gracie magic.

10.  There's a lot more to be said that I cannot remember now (but would pen down when I do)

To you reading this, know this, I know what I say when I say, ‘You are beautiful’. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. No words should ever define you. You are the definition of WHO YOU ARE.

If there is anything I wish for the most today, it is that You find all of the happiness (the complete package) you’re searching for.

And may the peace of God dwell in your hearts (because I too have felt this peace and know it is

Happy Birthday to me; in definition of my life.

P.S. I am on my way to the rooftop.

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